Frequently asked questions


What is Uplyft Camp?

Uplyft Camp 2021 is a unique virtual conference unleashing students' passions and empowering them to achieve their dreams through keynotes, workshops, and networking sessions led by professionals with intriguing stories.

Cost? Who's paying for the island 😆?

Free. Corporate Sponsors

Contact info? Help? Support? Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?


How is Uplyft embracing diversity and inclusion?

Students and speakers from around the globe are welcome and invited to this free conference!

Who can attend?

Anyone who desires some semblance of normality, however it is curated for high school students


Do you have any roles open?

Of course. Explore our opportunities at https://tinyurl.com/uplyft-careers Disclaimer: All the opportunities are unpaid, designed to provide experience collaborating with an agile team in a fast-paced startup environment Open to high schoolers, college students, and adults


When will the schedule be released?

In the upcoming weeks!

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